Kellan Lutz's 'Java Heat' trailer revealed

Kellan Lutz's 'Java Heat' trailer revealed
Kellan Lutz's latest film, "Java Heat," hits Video On Demand on May 10, along with a new trailer for your flick may be unveiled immediately.

Lutz, who recently nabbed the cutting edge role in "Hercules 3D," did a great deal of his or her own stunt work for that movie.

On Friday, he appeared on "Good Morning Texas" simply the film's upcoming release and discussed his excitement total the throwback super hero work he's been scoring lately.

"I love mythology, so when you're maturing inside the mid-west, you simply have the literature to learn and also you fantasize, and that we had the animals to be seen up, therefore you feel like Mowgli from 'The Jungle Book' and even Tarzan or Hercules," he stated, calling the "Hercules" gig a "dream project."

The interviewer asked Lutz it could be a help or perhaps a hindrance to get been of this particular "Twilight Saga," and, as usual, he was merely gracious in the reply.

Free Gold For Jungle Heat "Everything's a blessing. Everything is. I'm so fortunate therefore blessed so that you can do what I'm doing. Cause I found an enduring passion in myself for the chronilogical age of 18 that I couldn't know existed. I was usually a chemical engineer," he stated. "Being in something in terms of 'Twilight,' it's this type of phenomenon that it is a blessing as a component of something of that nature, on and on about the future, this really is opened doors ... therefore, if doors close and I aren't getting roles, it wasn't can be."

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