National Seminar on Advancement in green Technology for controlling and managing current environmental pollution

Department of Ecological studies

March 22 & 23 Click here

National Seminar on Current Trends in Chemistry-VIII

Deaprtment of Chemistry

March 23,2018 Click here

National Conference on Issues in Economic Development

Department of Economics

March 15-16,2018 Call for Paper

National Seminar on Mathematics and Applications(NSMA-2018)

Deaprtment of Mathematics

February 22-23,2018 Click here

One Day National Seminar on "Theories of Truth and Knowledge"

Department of Philosophy

February 27, 2018 Click here

Two-day National-level seminar on "Queer Here, Queer There: Bodies, Identity, and location"

Department of English in collaboration with Sappho for Equality

March 13-14,2018 Click here

One Day International Seminar on "FRONTIERS OF STEM CELL RESEARCH"

University of Kalyani

November 9,2017

Click here 

International Conference on INDO-BANGLADESH RELATIONSHIP IN THE 21st Century

Department of Political Science

November 8-10,2017

Click here

2nd Regional Science and Technology Congress,2017

University of Kalyani

December 14-15,2017

Click here

Brainstorming Session on Recent trends in Biodiversity Cataloging & Bioprospecting

University of Kalyani

April 24,2017

Click here

Body Politic: Gender and the Nation

Department of English

March 24,2017

Click here

Social Movements in the 21 st Century: Conceptual Framework and its Applicability

Department of Political Science

March 28,2017

Click here

National Conference on issues in Economic Development

Department of Economics

March 22-23,2017

Click here

Ten Days ICSSR Sponsored Research Methodology Course for Ph.D Students in Social Sciences

University of Kalyani

March 20-29,2017

Click here

Registration Form

Eligible List

Science Academies, Lecture Workshop on Chemistry : The Basics and Advances

Department of Chemistry

April 06-08,2017

Click here


National Conference on Effect of Climate Change on Faunal Diversity

Department of Zoology

February 27, 2017

List of awardees of the best poster presentation

Click here

Registration Form

06 weeks Certificate Course in Yoga Education from 01st December 2016 at Department of Physical Education.

Department of Physical Education

from 01st December 2016

Click here 

National Conference on Issue in Economics Development

Department of Economics



Rescheduling of Conference Date

January 19-20, 2017

Click here


National Workshop on "Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing

Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility November 9-11,2016 Click here

UGC Sponsored International Seminar "Good Place: Representation of the Utopic"

Department of English February 8-9, 2017 Click here

International Conference on Lifelong Learning in Developing Countries : Issues and Perspectives

Department of Lifelong Learning & Extension

Central Library



February 17-18,2017

Click here

Programme Schedule

82nd Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society(IMS),2016

Department of Mathematics December 27-30,2016 Click here


Department of Physics & SERB January 9-28,2017 Click here

Capacity Building Programme for Public Library Personnel

Department of Library Science and CIRM June 20-24,2016 Click here

International  Seminar on Renegotiating the Dichotomy of Homeland and Motherland,The Migrant Bengali Community on Alien Soil

The Centre for Bengali Diaspora June 20,2016 Click here

Hands-on Training programme on “Computer Applications for Rural Young Mothers"

Centre for Women’s Studies May 2-6,2016 Click here

One Day Workshop on "Revision of Honours and General Curriculum of RA. (Education)"

Department of Education May 04,2016 Click here


Programme of B. Ed. Workshop - II, 2016

Department of Education April 12, 2016  Click here

02-days National Seminar on "Dynamism of Culture: Integration, Contradiction and Conflict"

Department of Sociology March 30-31, 2016

Click Here

Bank details 

2-days National level conference entitled "Emerging trends in Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science"

Department of Physics March 18-19, 2016

Click Here 

National Seminar on Current Trends in Chemistry VII (NSCTC-VII)

Department of Chemistry February 24, 2016

Click Here

Programme Schedule : National Seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematics and its Applications (NSRDMA-2016)

Department of Mathematics, University of Kalyani January 21-22, 2016 Click Here

One Day Special Seminar on FILMING NARRATIVE

Department of English,University of Kalyani 20 January 2016, 12.30 pm

Click Here

National Seminar on 'Bangalir Sahitya- Shilpa-Sankriti: Sankat O Uttaran' (Literature, Art & Culture of Bengal People: Crisis & Prospects)

Dumkal College & Murshidabad Adarsha Mahavidyalaya in collaboration with the Department of Folklore, University of Kalyani. February 02, 2016

Click Here

National Workshop on “In Silico Analysis of Mutation"

Department of Biotechnology
Ministry of Science and Technology
Government of India
December 16,2015

Click Here

National Seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematics and its Applications (NSRDMA-2016) on January 21-22,2016

Department of Mathematics, University of Kalyani
Sponsored by UGC-SAP-II & University of Kalyani
January 21-22,2016

Click Here

Registration Form

First International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Communication- 2016 (ICIC2-2016)

 Faculty of Engineering,Management and Technology February 18-19,2016

Click Here

One day workshop on “User Awareness Programme on Access to E-resources under UGC INFONET Digital Library Consortium”

The Central Library,K.U.
in collaboration with the
INFLIBNET Centre, Gandhinagar
September 28,2015 Click Here

National Level Seminar on “Emerging Issues in Accounting & Finance”

Department of Commerce & Board of Studies, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India November 20,2015 Click Here

State Level Seminar on 'Bengal-Manipur on Rhythm' in connection with the Celebration of World Folklore Day

Department of Folklore August 25, 2015 Click Here

International Conference on Elections and Political Parties in South Asia: A 21st Century Perspective

Department of Political Science December 7-9, 2015 Click Here

National Seminar On Consumer Justice in Globalizing India: Challenges and Choices

Department of Sociology November 19-20,2015 Concept Note
Call for Papers
Registration Form

National Seminar On the theme –“Women in Indian Society: State & Status’’

Centre for Women’s Studies August 20, 2015

Click Here

Two-Day International seminar named 'Vivek Chetana'

K.U. and N.S.S. March 10-11, 2015

Click Here

UGC Sponsored Workshop on Capacity Building for Community-Based Disaster Management

Department of Rural Development and Management March 2-3, 2015

Click Here

National Level Seminar on 'Emerging Issues in Economic Development'

Department of Economics February 26-27, 2015 Click Here

National Seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematics and its Applications (NSRDMA- 2015)

Department of Mathematics February 11-12, 2015 Click Here

UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Folklore and Tribal Studies in Eastern and Northeast India: Perspective and Present Status

Department of Folklore January 15-16, 2015 Click Here

UGC-sponsored Two-day National Seminar on Negotiating Tradition and (Post) Modernity: Recent Trends in Culture Studies

The Centre for Cultural Studies January 28-29, 2015 Click Here

National Seminar on Cryptogamic Botany

Department of Botany December 18-19,2014 Click Here

Rabindranath Studies Centre,

Department of Adult,Continuing Education and Extension, Department of Bengali
August 29,2014

Click Here

Tarasankar Bandhopadhyay : Jibon & Sahittyakriti Department of Bengali August 8, 2014

Click Here

Second International Conference on INformation Systems Design and Intelligent Applications –2015 (INDIA-2015) Faculty of Engineering, Technology & Management January 8-9, 2015

Click Here

The Second Asian Congress of Protistology and 9th Conference on Ciliate Biology Department of Zoology November 27-29, 2014

Click Here

Summer Training Programme 2014 Department of Botany June 27-July 12, 2014

Click Here

National Level Seminar on Interdisciplinary Approaches in Science, Humanities and Culture Kalyani University Research Scholars' Asociation May 28-29, 2014

Click Here

National Seminar on Womem Empowerment or Power Equity: A Challenge to 21st Century India in the Context of Human Rights Centre for Women’s Studies April 10,2014 Click Here
UGC-DEB Sponsored National Seminar on Standardization of Distance Education Directorate of Open and Distance Learning March 31,2014 Click Here
National Seminar on Impact of Climate Change on Aquaculture and Mitigation Options for Food Security Department of Environmental Management March 25,2014 Click Here
National Seminar on Bankimchandra and Ekabingsha Shatabdir Vabna Department of Bengali March 27-28,2014 Click Here
National Seminar entitled "Rethinking Indian Democracy in the New Millennium" Department of Political Science March 25,2014 Click Here
DST-PURSE sponsored Seminar on Modernization of MSc (Biochemistry) and MSc (Biophysics) Syllabi and inputs of students in this scenario Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics March 14,2014 Click Here
One day Workshop on Computational Methodologies and Application(CMA-2014) Department of Computer Science & Engineering March 21, 2014 Click Here
Micro Symposium on Recent Trends in Mathematics Department of Mathematics March 13-14, 2014 Click Here
Seminar on Investor Awareness Department of Business Administration March 11,2014 Click Here
Plant Sciences in the Genomic era Department of Botany March 05, 2014 Click Here
National Seminar on “Contemporary Issues in Accounting & Finance” Department of Commerce
March 27-28, 2014  Click Here
National Seminar on Mathematics and its Applications (NSMA 2014) Department of Mathematics March 4-5, 2014 Click Here
The First National Conference on Currentnt Trends in Particle Physics (CTPPR-2014) Department of Physics March 13-14, 2014 Click Here
“The Moving Image: A National-level Workshop” Department of English January 07-10, 2014 Click Here
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