Department of Philosophy

The Dept. of Philosophy was established on 20th September 2010 with a number of renounce scholars from deferent Universities under the stewardship of Prof. Tapan Kr. Chakrabarti, Retd. Prof Jadavpur University & one casual Office Attendant. It started its with 20 students.

Philosophy explores the nature of the world, the basis of human values, and foundations of reason. Philosophy also offers the challenge of interpreting the work of thinkers who have created our intellectual traditions. Students approach these issues through study of both historical literature and contemporary developments.

Intellectual development and skills

Philosophy is ideal for students who want to develop and improve thought process and analytical skills. Students of philosophy become more aware of themselves and the world around them. By raising questions that explore the basic principles of existence and ultimate human concerns, the study of philosophy helps students develop many skills such as the ability to:

• reason clearly
• extract what is essential from large amounts of information
• understand and analyze complicated texts
• develop a well-structured argument
• express ideas in a clear and persuasive manner
• solve problems

Different Schools of Indian Philosophy

 Sanskrit is not considered to be merely a language, because only Sanskrit can represent the glorious heritage and civilization of our motherland in all degrees than any other does.
 The Vedas, the ethics (Puranas), the philosophical approaches of its scriptures and so on are the unique contribution to the world by India in the fields of knowledge and wisdom.
 The noble ideas of mankind which are enshrined in the Vedas are imparted through this very language.
 Therefore we hear Swamiji quoting – ‘Sanskrit and prestige go together in India’(Complete Works of Swamiji, Volume III -299.2).

Different  Aspect of  Western Philosophy

•   What is Philosophy? Metaphysics & Epistemology; A summary of key concepts – A glossary of common philosophical terms  with meaning.

•  Idealism subjective, transcendental or critical  & absolute of objective idealism – Plato’s Theory of Knowledge – Aristotle’s Criticism of Plato’s Doctrine of Idea –David Hume – Logical or Absolute    Idealism – Bradley’s Appearance & Absolute

      • Realism – Neo Realism

      • Empiricism

      • Rationalism – Continental Rationalism – Marxism

      • Spinoza

      • Leibnitz

      • Pragmatism

      • Analysis : World & Word

      • Logical Positivism

      • Phenomenology – Philosophical Basis of Extentialism – Kierkegaard’s Three Stages – Russell’s Theory of Logical Atomis

Head of the Department

Dr. Kuheli Biswas

Departmental Phone No.
(033)2582 8750 (Ext. 368 & 377)

Departmental Phone No. 

(033)2582 8750 (Ext. 368 & 377)

Degree & Course offered 

M.A. in 'Philosophy'-a two-year post-graduate degree (04 Semester).




Intake Capacity 

30 Students

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Symposia organized in last 3 years

"Swami Vivekananda and his thoughts – a fresh appraisal"-A Symposium jointly organized by Dept. of Philosophy & Sanskrit.

“Rediscovering Acharya Brojendra Nath Seal in the new Millennium”- A National Seminar jointly organized by Depts. of Philosophy, Pol-Science & Mathematics.

Different  Aspect of  Western Philosophy

      What is Philosophy? Metaphysics & Epistemology; 

  A summary of key concepts – A glossary of common 

  philosophical terms  with meaning.

       Idealism subjective, transcendental or critical  &

  absolute of objective idealism –

  Plato’s Theory of Knowledge – Aristotle’s Criticism

  of Plato’s Doctrine of Idea –

  David Hume – Logical or Absolute Idealism – 

  Bradley’s Appearance & Absolute

       Realism – Neo Realism


       Rationalism – Continental Rationalism – 





       Analysis : World & Word

       Logical Positivism

       Phenomenology – Philosophical Basis of          

  Extentialism – Kierkegaard’s Three

  Stages – Russell’s Theory of Logical Atomis

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